A Letter from our Board

17 Apr 2017 10:04 AM | Pia Barton (Administrator)

California Growers Association
Board of Directors
915 L Street C413
Sacramento, CA 95814
RE: Unity and Collaboration

Dear Members of the Board,

Small Farmers Association Board of Directors continues to believe it a necessity to build a strong relationship with the California Growers Association since we last communicated our interest to your Executive Director in 2014. There is no better time to do so than right now with the Governors Draft Trailer Bill. Based on our on-the- ground research in Colorado, Washington, and Oregon, and the historical deceleration of the Agricultural Coop model in California, there is certainty the outcome of this trailer bill, if not amended, will destroy the California Small Farmer.

The economic destruction and poverty of Northern California will be unprecedented if the bill is not revised to curb full vertical integration. Not only the Small Farmers, but the businesses they patron will be effected. While we appreciate your passion regarding Agricultural Cooperatives, they will not stop the poverty and economic destruction that full integration represents. Nationally, we can look at every industry that has been trampled by the corporiazation in lieu of collaboration with the small farmers and/or mom and pop shop of America.

It is time to move into a mature relationship between our organizations, along with the Sonoma County Growers Association and the International Farmers Alliance. With unity similar to the Vintners Associations, we can be unstoppable and accomplish success for our members and the California Small Farmer.

We believe collaboration on language is of the utmost importance. If we are to change this bill in the next couple weeks, we must continue to move quickly. We propose a conference call with the following Board members at an arranged date based on our calendars, at or around the noon hour to further discuss our collaboration for the sake of all small farmers of California.

Respectfully your Board Members,
Kevin Shi -- Lane Labbe -- Joe Fernandez

^ Representing sfa's diversity in entrepreneurship is board members Kevin shi and Joe Fernandez meeting in Sacramento at the capital regarding the small farming challenged trailer bill

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